Brett Parker: Wow, I do believe Fasthosts have outdone themselves...

Planet Debian - Sat, 04/01/2014 - 11:24

So, got a beep this morning from our work monitoring system. One of our customers domain names is hosted with livedns.co.uk (which, as far as I can tell, is part of the Fasthosts franchise)... It appears that Fasthosts have managed to entirely break their DNS:

brettp@laptop:~$ host www.fasthosts.com ;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached brettp@laptop:~$ whois fasthosts.com | grep -i "Name Server" Name Server: NS1.FASTHOSTS.NET.UK Name Server: NS2.FASTHOSTS.NET.UK Name Server: NS1.FASTHOSTS.NET.UK Name Server: NS2.FASTHOSTS.NET.UK brettp@laptop:~$ whois fasthosts.net.uk | grep -A 2 "Name servers:" Name servers: ns1.fasthosts.net.uk ns2.fasthosts.net.uk brettp@laptop:~$ host -t ns fasthosts.net.uk ;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached brettp@laptop:~$ host -t ns fasthosts.net.uk ;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached brettp@laptop:~$

So, that's fasthosts core nameservers not responding, good start! They also provide livedns.co.uk, so lets have a look at that:

brettp@laptop:~$ whois livedns.co.uk | grep -A 3 "Name servers:" Name servers: ns1.livedns.co.uk ns2.livedns.co.uk ns3.livedns.co.uk brettp@laptop:~$ host -t ns ns1.livedns.co.uk ;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached brettp@laptop:~$ host -t ns ns1.livedns.co.uk ;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached brettp@laptop:~$ host -t ns ns1.livedns.co.uk ;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached

So, erm, apparently that's all their DNS servers "Not entirely functioning correctly"! That's quite impressive!

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Russ Allbery: lbcd 3.5.1

Planet Debian - Sat, 04/01/2014 - 07:53

This is a small bug-fix release of this load-balancing system status daemon. The primary purpose of the release is to merge the various fixes to the new systemd unit files that I made in the Debian package after a broader code review. This release also fixes a long-lived oversight and sets lbcd's listening sockets to close-on-exec so that they're not inherited by external weight commands (already handled under systemd by socket activation) and improves the lbcd man page.

You can get the latest version from the lbcd distribution page.

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Hideki Yamane: more epub format support for Debian docs

Planet Debian - Sat, 04/01/2014 - 07:13
I've added epub format to debien-devel-reference some time ago,
And now we have debian-reference epub support. Enjoy :)
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Hideki Yamane: A needs newer B, B depends on C, C depends on D and D...

Planet Debian - Sat, 04/01/2014 - 06:43

I've just consider to update nailgun package to new upstream version (from 0.9.0+trunk95 to 0.9.1), it changes its build system from ant to maven.
→ depends on maven-compiler-plugin (>= 3.0) but version 2.5.1-1 is in Debian repository, necessary to upgrade it
→ newer maven-compiler-plugin needs maven-shared-incremental, however it is still just ITPed and not in repository.
→ maven-shared-incremental needs maven-shared-components (not packaged yet)
→ maven-shared-components needs maven-scm-publish-plugin (not packaged yet)
→ (...continue?)

*sigh*, I just want to do miner update for the pacakge, though...
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Andrew Pollock: [life] My daughter, the future Olympic swimmer

Planet Debian - Sat, 04/01/2014 - 03:09

I'm not a strong swimmer, and never have been. I was never confident in the water as a child. In my teenage years, I had some skin issues that I was very self-conscious about. Going to a boy's school where I was already bullied, I didn't want to add material, so I avoided swimming. To this day, I can barely swim 50 metres freestyle. To think I once had aspirations of getting into the police, which required a bronze medallion.

As as result of my atrocious swimming abilities, it's been very important to me that Zoe be able to swim well. Purely for her own personal safety if nothing more. She's been doing "swim classes" of various sorts since she's been 6 months old. In the US, they were group parent/child water familiarisation classes. When we moved back to Australia and turned three, she was eligible to start doing small-group instructor-led classes with Hampton Swim School. It felt like such an milestone just to no longer have to be in the pool with Zoe.

I was initially quite skeptical of Hampton's methods, compared with what I'd observed at the Betty Wright Swim School (which subsequently had to close due to aging facilities). Having seen how well Zoe's swimming has progressed in 3 quarters of classes is just amazing.

The last few times I've taken Zoe to a public pool for some non-class swim time, her confidence in the water has been fantastic. I've bought some "sinkies", toys that sink to the bottom, and she'll happily dive down to the bottom to retrieve them (with assistance from me getting down there).

Today, to escape the 40 plus degree heat, I took her to the Sleeman Sports Centre, because they have a really cool slide, and the whole thing's indoors.

Zoe was confidently swimming between me and the side of the pool in water that was over her head, repeatedly. So to have her go from being fine in the water as long as she was being held, to actively asking me to go further back from the wall, in under a year has been really excellent progress. She's also "diving" in off the side (it's more like a bad belly flop, but she has brilliant form at the start, with her hands over her head).

We got to the pool today around 10:30am, and it turned out the slide didn't open until 1pm, so we decided to stick around for lunch and wait until the slide opened. To kill time after lunch, we went to the 50 metre pool, where some other kids were taking turns to jump in off the starting blocks. Fearless Zoe wanted to have a go too. This was seriously deep water.

It was really inspiring watching this tiny little girl climb up onto the starting blocks of the 1982 Commonwealth Games 50 metre pool and "dive" into the water, flounder over to me, who was furiously treading water in the middle of the lane, and then flounder over to the side, climb out unassisted and do it all over again. It was a seriously "proud father" moment, while I was trying not to drown myself in the middle of the lane. I wish I'd had someone there with a camera to capture the moment.

I have great hopes for the future of her swimming, and I think she's ready to go up a level in her swim class.

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Ben's SEO Blog: How to Market with Video in Drupal

Planet Drupal - Fri, 03/01/2014 - 23:55

You’ve created a great video to market your business’ products or services, and you know it’s really something special. How can you get Google to take note of your video and start displaying it in the SERPs?

SEO optimizing videos actually isn’t all that difficult— in fact, you do it the same way you optimize text or any other page on your website. Here are a few easy steps for optimizing your video to catch Google’s (and your audience’s) attention.

1. Upload it to YouTube.

While Vimeo is a great platform for videos, YouTube belongs to Google, and we’ve seen that Google tends to promote content hosted through its own services before it promotes content posted elsewhere. Putting your content on YouTube will make it much more likely it’s indexed by Google, and displayed in the search results.

2. Build a landing page on your site for the video.

With Drupal, this is incredibly easy— simply go to Content > Add Content > Basic Page, and build out a landing page for your video. Include keyword-optimized links to blog posts, your contact page, and information about your company’s products and services to maximize the chance that you get conversions off of the video. Then, in your WYSIWIG editor, embed the video itself using the “Share” feature that YouTube has. It’s easy!


  • If you're embedding the video into the body of a node directly, be sure to use "Full HTML" filter (or ask your admin to set up the proper filter for you to use).
  • If your site uses https, you can select the “Use HTTPS” option under the embed code or Protip: delete the "http:" from the embed url and Youtube will serve the proper and secure format. In other words, href="//www.youtube.com/embed/yI-i0x8S39c"
3. Optimize that page.

Including title tags, meta tags, and keywords, and making sure that those tags match up the video titles is an easy way to boost your rankings. Write descriptions that incorporate keywords in the order they are listed. NOTE: Video SEO will consume much less of your time if you have a video-friendly content manager— and Drupal has some really great video-friendly modules that we recommend you check out.

4.  Submit a video sitemap through Google Webmaster Tools.

Google knows you’ve got a video, but not what it’s about. Generating or building a site map for each video will tell search engines where the video is (your site), its original location (YouTube) and what it’s about (how awesome you are).

5. Make sure your website has a robots.txt file that includes your XML and video site maps.

We’ve written a bit about this before— having a proper robots.txt file is crucial to even the most basic SEO success. The robots.txt file lets the search engines know what they can and can't index and must be uploaded to the top-level directory of your site (directly after the .com, .net, .org, etc.). For more information on putting together a robots.txt file for Drupal, check out this great post by Ben Finklea.

6. Write out the transcript from the video. 

Search crawlers can’t read the contents of video, so include the transcript of the video so the text can tell the crawlers what the video is about.

And that’s it! Video SEO is easy— especially with the right tools and modules. For help getting your Drupal site set up for SEO, contact us at Volacci, or read our blog for more Drupal marketing tips and trips.

Video can be a great tool in your Drupal Marketing toolkit. Here's how.video seo, Planet Drupal
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Blink Reaction: What's on Drupal.org?

Planet Drupal - Fri, 03/01/2014 - 18:38

Drupal.org is a critical resource for anyone working with Drupal. However, for the new--and sometimes even for the not-so-new--Drupalist, the sheer scale of Drupal.org can make it intimidating and difficult to use. This post is the first in a collection of posts that will explore Drupal.org, its resources, and how to use them.

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Wouter Verhelst: Dear google,

Planet Debian - Fri, 03/01/2014 - 17:15

About half a decade ago, I created a gmail account (maybe longer—not so sure anymore). After testing it out for a while, I decided that it wasn't for me; but as a gmail account comes with a google account for free, I didn't throw it out.

As time went on, I added a few other things to that account. I try to limit its use a bit, but I do own a few android devices (for lack of a better alternative), and I do use adsense on my website, and all of these are linked to my existing google account; so I don't want to throw it away.

I don't ever read mail sent to my gmail account, though; I prefer to read my mail in a local mail client (I used mutt for about a decade, having switched to thunderbird recently). Since it kept happening that people thought I would read my gmail account (which I do still use for XMPP, in spite of your recent crippling of that service), I configured an autoresponder on gmail to warn people off, and told them to use my main mail address instead of the gmail one. Additionally, I configured my main mail addresses (plural; they're really aliases) as "secondary" addresses on my gmail account, so that people who try to send mail to me could figure out where to actually send it before seeing the autoreply.

Unfortunately, for some reason you seem to have interpreted that as "screw his MX records and DNSSEC, we'll just intercept anything coming from our servers and going to Wouter Verhelst as going to his gmail account".

There's a word for that. I'm not going to use it.

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Isovera Ideas & Insights: Drupal Thoughts on a Snowy Day

Planet Drupal - Fri, 03/01/2014 - 16:41

For those of us in New England, today is a day we are hunkered down in blizzard-like conditions pondering thoughts of the new year and what it has in store.  At Isovera, we continually take cues from our clients to get a feel for how folks are approaching their web strategy for 2014 and beyond. As a Drupal-focused technology firm, we are very excited about what is on the horizon. Here are just some random thoughts about Drupal, etc. (with some possible helpful links from others) that you may or may not find interesting:

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Drupal Commerce: Using permissions to allow users to create products

Planet Drupal - Fri, 03/01/2014 - 16:24

Today we have another quick screencast answering a question in the Q&A section of drupalcommerce.org. This user, golubovicm, has asked "Edit own products permission" is not working! First off, that's not the best way to phrase a question, but it does happen that a number of people are wondering how to set up a user to create, edit, and delete their own products. So, we've created a quick screencast to walk you through how to set this up.

View the screencast.

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Drupalize.Me: Drupal 8: Configuration Management Walk-through

Planet Drupal - Fri, 03/01/2014 - 16:00

One thing about Drupal 7 that people have a love-hate relationship with is the Features module. Features attempts to give you the means to export database-stored site settings in code that you can put into version-control and move from server to server. In Drupal 7 using Features, when you want to make a change to your Drupal site configuration, you would need to either update the feature or make sure that setting was in a feature and (re)create it. When deploying, you would revert your Features so that your site settings match what was in code. If only things were that straight-forward!

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S1L: LeadPages with Drupal Tutorial

Planet Drupal - Fri, 03/01/2014 - 15:47

For those that don't know: LeadPages is awesome landing page creation software. (watch a demo here) It allows you to setup a professional landing page in no time, so you can get real results in no time! Signup here if you don't have an account yet (you need one for this tutorial).

LeadPage module for Drupal
At the time of this writing there isn't a Drupal module for LeadPages available yet.

But there is a way to have LeadPages pages on your Drupal website, your own domain! :)
It's not as pretty as a Drupal module for LeadPages would be, but it allows you to act now, to implement and get results. <--- can be very valuable :D

1 - Get LeadPages

First: create a LeadPages account by clicking this link

2 - Download and enable these modules

Next, download and enable these modules:


(I'm assuming you already have your Drupal site up and running)

3 - Create a landing page content type

In your Drupal admin page go to Structure -> Content Types and click 'Add Content type' (or go to example.com/admin/structure/types/add)

Name it 'Landing page' and setup your content type as you see fit and save.

4 - Configure 'Landing page' as Static Page

go to Configuration -> Config static page (located at example.com/admin/config/content/static_page)

and check the box before 'Landing page' and save.

5 - Configure a 'No filter' text format

Use with caution. Allow this filter for trusted roles only.

Go to Configuration -> Text formats and click 'Add text format' (located at admin/config/content/formats/add)

Name it 'No filter' and make sure only 'administrator' is checked. Click 'Save configuration'.

6 - Set 'No filter' text format for the Landing page body field

Edit the body field of the 'Landing page' content type.

Check the box before 'Limit allowed text formats' and select 'No filter' as the only option. 

And click 'save settings'.

7 - Get the source code of your Leadpages page

After creating a page in your LeadPages account, publish it with the settings selected below:

When you click 'Download HTML' you'll get a .html file. Open that with a text editor. You'll need it's source code.

8 - Create content and paste the source code

In your Drupal admin go to Content -> Add content, and click 'Landing page'.

Enter a title, and paste the HTML source code from step 7 into the body field.

Click save. 

You'll be taken to the content on your page for example example.com/node/3

Enter that into a browser where you're not logged into the Drupal admin and there you have it:

your LeadPages landing page on your own Drupal domain!

Bonus: the page will update on your domain if you edit it from your LeadPages account!

P.S. - Drupal Module for Leadpages

Make sure to upvote and comment on the feature request about the Drupal module for LeadPages here: https://support.leadpages.net/entries/23003809-Drupal-7-module-for-LeadPages

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Gábor Hojtsy: Five good reasons to register for Drupal Dev Days Szeged now!

Planet Drupal - Fri, 03/01/2014 - 14:29

As you may have heard, Drupal Dev Days is going back to DrupalCon Europe 2008's host town Szeged, Hungary on March 24th to 30th, 2014! This is the ideal place for Drupal Dev Days, a whole week of sprinting with learning and participation opportunities plenty on Drupal coding and all the related technologies involved. Here are five good reasons to register for this event now:

  1. It is the biggest distraction-free sprint to work out remaining issues in Drupal 8 in the whole year. The sprint runs from Monday morning to Sunday night. Szeged wants to provide enough but also be out of your way to be awesome! For example, we booked the same venue up until midnight each day.
  2. We believe it is essential for a successful core sprint to have core committers on location. Szeged will have Alex Pott and Nathaniel Catchpole with Angie Byron supporting from home while we sleep. If you are a core developer in any capacity, having these two great leads directly at the same place is an amazing opportunity.
  3. Of course there is no requirement to be a core developer to attend! If you want to join the list of almost 1800 Drupal 8 developers though, Drupalize.me is flying in Joe Shindelar and Amber Himes to deliver the Community Tools Workshop to get you on board with all the tools and processes used in Drupal core and contributed module/theme development. Great new skill to have under your sleeves in 2014. There is not much hard about it once you get started.
  4. We are taking the BADCamp/DrupalCon labs concept and provide options for speakers to deliver 2 hour and 4 hour long workshops for a fuller deep-dive on development topics. Even if you don't want to be a developer of Drupal itself in any capacity, there is a good chance that if you earn money with Drupal, you would benefit from some of these deep-dives. This is a unique format that other events don't offer. (Admittedly we are short on submitted sessions so far. If you, yourself would love to deliver such a deep-dive or a regular session, see http://szeged2014.drupaldays.org/program/sessions, submissions close on January 15th (in 12 days)!)
  5. Szeged is a great cozy town! Many of those who have been there in 2008 asked us repeatedly to organise a come-back opportunity. Here it is and it only costs 30 EUR now! See our interview video on Szeged experiences at http://szeged2014.drupaldays.org/community/attendees. You won't regret coming.

With all these great reasons, what are you waiting for? Buy your ticket now at http://szeged2014.drupaldays.org/buy-your-ticket

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Lullabot: Consultancy Scrum

Planet Drupal - Fri, 03/01/2014 - 13:30

In this episode, Addi is joined by Todd Nienkerk of Four Kitchens and Brian Skowron from Lullabot to discuss "consultancy scrum." We start off by briefly explaining what scrum and agile are, and then dive into the lessons learned about using this methodology in a client/vendor relationship, versus a completely internal product team.

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Mark Shropshire: Charlotte Drupal Drive-in - Feb 22nd

Planet Drupal - Fri, 03/01/2014 - 13:27

The CharDUG (Charlotte Drupal User Group) is hosting the Charlotte Drupal Drive-in on February 22nd at Classic Graphics in Charlotte, North Carolina.

What is a Drupal Drive-in? The idea is to have an un-conference-style one day event where attendees have the opportunity to propose topics for group discussions to fully prepared presentations. Each attendee will get to vote on the topics presented during the event.

If you want to learn more about the concepts and inspirations behind Drupal drive-in type events, check out the recent DrupalEasy podcast 119. Our very own Thomas Lattimore discusses his concept behind the Charlotte Drupal Drive-in event.

Whether you have a topic idea for the drive-in or not, you are invited to register today!.

I am really looking forward to seeing old Drupal friends and meeting new ones at the event. It will be a blast.

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