Floris Stoica-Marcu: GSoC2014 – Muon and sudo [Week2]

Planet Debian - Sat, 31/05/2014 - 13:42


This has been a terrific week and a real learning experience for me. I finished packaging both Muon and QApt for Debian; my first two real debian packages, with very different packaging styles! Sune (svuorela), Maximiliano (maxy) and others helped me allot to understand the tools and I thank them very much for their support.

While the first part of this second week was all about trying to make a solid package, the second part was me figuring out Policykit and KAuth in order for us to let go (as much as possible) of Kdesudo. I have managed to do a complete turnaround from kdesudo through policykit and now I am working on making an add-repo helper in C++/Qt using KAuth to keep it in line with QApt, in order to have a more uniform codebase. Big thanks to Aleix (apol) that guided me through the different uses of policykit and Kauth.

To keep it short, policykit will not be used directly except QApt, in every other case we’ll use KAuth. I’m very close to finishing the KAuth add-repo helper and that will add improved functionality, as it extends well in what I will be doing next: renouncing specific backend support; The helper will manage how backends add/remove repos, meaning that if you use PackageKit you will no longer be tied to Apt if you want to use Muon!

Here is a screenshot of the configure-software button in muon-discovery (finally) working on Debian and launching software-properties-kde:

And below are some screens of Muon in the wild, running on Debian:

Auth required through policykit

Adding Sources

I hope you enjoyed this update and stay tuned for the debian package which is currently under review.


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Commerce Guys: Drupal Commerce Site Spotlight: Clubvivre.com

Planet Drupal - Sat, 31/05/2014 - 13:03

We're always on the lookout for great sites built with Drupal Commerce, our truly flexible software that's changing the face of eCommerce one site at a time.

When Clubvivre needed an end-to-end, scalable solution, the picked the team at Srijan to deliver it. Srijan built a Drupal 7 website using Commerce Kickstart to help the company easily offer customized dining solutions to its customers through a beautiful, easy to use responsive design site.

---Previous Weeks Spotlight Sites Below ----

Lush.co.uk built by i-KOS, Method UK and Commerce Guys.


JustCamo.com built by Dooley & Associates


Mongodb.com , the most popular Open-Source NoSQL database system powers its eCommerce site with Drupal Commerce


 D&W Fresh Market Stores built by MyPlanet.  

 Humac.dk built by Adapt.dk 

STYXworld.com built by IDEA DEN

KENZO.com built byPublicis Modem


RobinHood.org, Built by Phase2.


Hill Country Pie Kitchen built by Texas Creative


Classic Driver built by Amazee Labs


Marimekko, built by Wunderkraut


ZactMobile, built by ProPeople

KrispyKreme.co.uk, built by iKos


Sigmaphoto.com, built by Kwall.  


 UmeboshiShoes.com, built by The Jibe


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Commerce Guys: DrupalCon Austin - Here's What we're up to

Planet Drupal - Sat, 31/05/2014 - 12:56

Need to keep up with Commerce Guys @DrupalCon Austin - June 2 to 6? Here's everything you'll need to know

Yep. We're bringing back the Commerce Village to DrupalCon, this time with even more ways to build, enhance and support online stores. Even if you're not going to DrupalCon, we have something for you here. Don't miss the part about the beer at the bottom. Read on.

It's here. Cloud 2.0.
Commerce Guys introduces Platform, the Continuous Delivery Cloud.

Platform is a powerful cloud hosting solution with an optimized development-to-production workflow, enabling Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery during development, at launch, and throughout a site's life. Unique snapshot technology enables immediate cloning, completely replicating full-stack environments into new branches on demand in a moment.

Come to the Commerce Guys booth (CV2) for a demonstration of Platform.

Integrators and agencies are saving up to 25% on developer and systems integration effort when they develop on Platform. Talk to us about how you can move your projects to Platform.

Go to Platform.sh

Meet the people behind the Modules.

We work with Technology Partners to provide great modules for Drupal Commerce sites on Commerce Marketplace. Come to the Village to learn more about different solutions to enhance your site.

Click on any logo to request an informal meeting.

Come to the Commerce Guys booth to talk about over 450 other modules to enhance your website, available through Commerce Marketplace.

We support the way you work.

We have been working hard to support the Drupal Commerce community by offering new ways to assist you at any level. Whether you are just starting and need free advice or are an enterprise-level business, we can help.

More about Commerce Guys Support.

New this year, we have partnered with companies in the Drupal Community who are passionate about Drupal Commerce. Visit our Delivery Partners at DrupalCon and see what they've been doing with Commerce.

See our Delivery Partner Showcase.

We'll always be about Drupal and Commerce.

Last but not least, we want to share as much information as possible during DrupalCon to help you win with Drupal Commerce. This happens in sessions, in the hallways, at lunch, everywhere. Come see our sessions, find us in the Commerce Village and ask those burning questions. Contribute your ideas. Let's talk.

The Best Drupal Commerce Training

Ryan Szrama (rszrama) and Josh Miller (joshmiller) will be giving their fun, informative, and highly rated training on Monday, June 2nd at 9:00am. Sign Up

17 Sessions at DrupalCon

We've got a lot to talk about at DrupalCon, with 17 sessions including the Village Square demo space. From quick 15-minute demonstrations of great site enhancements to a 2-hour lab on commerce, pick your faves and add them directly to your calendar from our schedule. See the schedule

Free Beer & Parrot

We want to meet you at DrupalCon, and bribes tend to work. Come to the Commerce Guys booth (CV2) and learn how to get a free beer ticket and a chance to WIN a Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Elite Edition Quadricopter.

The beer event will be on Wednesday from 3:00 - 4:00 at the Village Square (CV5).

If you skipped to the end to read this, go back up and finish now. Learn more about
Parrots & Beer

If you can't make it, keep up with what's going on at the show by following us on Twitter.

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