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OpenLucius: Update OpenLucius | March 2016

Planet Drupal - Tue, 08/03/2016 - 11:26

We updated social intranet OpenLucius (a Drupal distribution) with 6 new functions. Without further ado, let's dive into it:

1. Document management revamped

We completely renewed the document management system (Files). It’s now much more usable and recognizable (Apple Finder / MS Exploder -like); intuitive file management out of the box. Check out this demo video (from ~ 1:24):

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Guido Günther: Debian Fun in February 2016

Planet Debian - Tue, 08/03/2016 - 08:34
Debian LTS

February was the tenth month I contributed to Debian LTS under the Freexian umbrella. In total I spent 7 hours (of allocated 11.15 hours) working on squeeze-lts:

  • Triage of 17 CVEs for squeeze-lts. I misread the calendar and thought I was on front-desk duty for a couple of days. Fortunately no duplicate work was done.

  • Prepared and released DLA-427-1 for nss fixing CVE-2016-1938 after checking that nss is not affected by CVE-2015-7575 since MD5 signatures never got disabled - another good reason why we should have the same nss in all suites.

… and to make sure we have fewer issues that are fixed in squeeze-lts but affect wheezy …

  • I prepared patches for CVE-2015-8036 and CVE-2015-5291 for polarssl for jessie including some autpkgtests (wheezy already happened in January) resulting in DSA-3468-1.

  • Prepared patches for CVE-2015-1323 affecting apt-daemon (789162) for jessie and wheezy waiting for a review.

On non LTS time I cooked up a script to make it simpler to check if a package has security support in a certain release.

Now that squeeze-lts is history I'd like to thank the Debian Security Team for their help and answers to all the questions related to security tracker, DSAs, DLAs and whatnot. I'm looking forward to wheezy-lts now…

Other Debian stuff
  • Uploaded libvirt-python 1.3.1 to unstable.
  • Uploaded virt-manager 1.3.2 to experimental.
  • Uploaded libvirt 1.3.2-2 to unstable dropping the libvirt-bin transitional package after NMUing gnome-boxes and virt-goodies to remove the dependency.
  • Uploaded whatmaps to experimental switching to Python3
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Tassia Camoes Araujo: Some impressions of a flourishing community – bits from the MiniDebConf Curitiba @ Montreal

Planet Debian - Tue, 08/03/2016 - 05:42

Last month I more-or-less accepted an invitation that got me scared at first, panicking after a while. Why do I put myself in such an uncomfortable position? Well, I think that’s how we grow up

I was first contacted to talk about women participation in Debian, which I kindly refused, but I said I would maybe talk about motivating new contributors, possibly with some more friends that would maybe join me at the stage. I need to confess that at that moment I had no idea (ok, a vague idea…) about what I was going to talk. So I promptly emailed some Debian friends, shared the invitation, shared some thoughts, got feedbacks, got encouragement, and we finally made it!

For the video conference we used mconf.org which worked super well (the downside is that it requires flash, maybe you could help them get rid of it?). I had also recorded a backup video with vokoscreen, just in case Murphy would decide to go to Curitiba… but everything worked well. We a single moment with connection issues, but the torrent user kindly released the bandwidth…

The main point I made in the talk is that Debian as a Universal Operating System is still an utopia, especially when we extend our understanding of universality to our contributors. And as an utopia, it serves to make us walk! The more we advance, the more it gets further away, so we need to keep walking. Another important point was that diversity is not an issue that touches only woman. My audience was full of Portuguese native speakers, from a third world country, a few women, many more man, a couple of DDs, some longtime contributors, some newbies, and most of them are also part of minorities in our community. I bet many of them has already felt like a weed growing surrounded by concrete at least once in their lifetimes…

Solidarity towards our utopia was my final message. Just for fun, and to make a recap of our conversation at the end, I made a list of 10 steps that we could all give to contribute to a more universal Debian:

1. Read our Social Contract and make sure we are all at the same page
2. Improve Debian documentation
3. Remember that diversity does not concern only women
4. Keep an eye on minority groups and show solidarity
5. Be open and alert to the needs of newbies
6. Help Debian teams to be prepared to welcome new contributors
7. Reserve part of our time to integrate new members to the community
8. Promote hands-on meetings (local and remote)
9. Promote peer-mentoring among newbie contributors
10. Do not see Debian members as special beings, we are all humans!

You can check my slides or the video of the live transmission if you want to see more. In case you can not follow the audio, I’d be happy to provide subtitles (but I probably won’t work on that if I don’t receive have any request). And if you invite me to another conference, we can have a similar chat at with your community. Note: in person is more fun

Finally, I’d like to thank the participants of the mini-DebConf, those that followed this session and those who were practicing how to package on the other room, Paulo Santana and all the local organization team for the invitation, Ana Guerrero and Laura Arjona for the remote support and feedback, Andreas Tille for the efforts in integrating new contributors, Christian Perrier for the developer statistics, Valéssio for being in the audience and the Debian Project for the inspiration.

What we had we Brazil this weekend was a taste of a flourishing and welcoming community, I am proud and honored to be part of it!

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Junichi Uekawa: Wrote a cowfs in FUSE for fun.

Planet Debian - Mon, 07/03/2016 - 23:40
Wrote a cowfs in FUSE for fun. 10 and half years ago when I was writing cowdancer initially, FUSE wasn't really a viable option, but it has been something in the back of my head that it should be possible. Now I've done it I realize a lot of existing FUSE projects that claim to do similar thing.

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Holger Levsen: 20160307-TorDevMeeting and InternetFreedomFestival

Planet Debian - Mon, 07/03/2016 - 20:02
Some impressions from the TorDevMeeting and the Internet Freedom Festival (IFF) in Valencia

Overheard at the Tor Dev meeting in Valencia, from people speaking about online identities: "You were on top of the list of the people I thought were you."

It was really good to be there as my plan to meet people and work on torbrowser-launcher issues worked out nicely: in total seven bugs got fixed upstream and resulted in an torbrowser-launcher upload to sid after the meeting. So now only three bugs are open in sid and it's clear how to fix #811499 in stable so that torbrowser-launcher doesn't stop working on May 3rd 2016. So yay.

At the IFF we also had a small reproducible builds Debian meeting, where I took these raw notes: (please ask for clarifications, how to help or correct me if you think other things are blockers right now as well!)

  • dpkg: we need to provide a debian/.buildinfo manpage
  • dpkg: get '--clamp-mtime' option for tar upstreamed - or implement it in dpkg-deb
  • do blogpost: the deadline to miss reproducible stretch is probably in less than six months
  • note from IRC: '< guillem> so the deps would be: finish .buildinfo spec/implementation, and merge that; get dak to keep them; switch dpkg to use the timestamp for ar members, from my PoV'

Too bad IFF was not really well known in advance amongst some local free software advocates, I hope this improves next year!

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Laura Arjona Reina: More involved in the Debian Publicity team

Planet Debian - Mon, 07/03/2016 - 20:00
More than 6months since I am Debian Developer and I’m learning new things every day… and trying to organize my time better to accomplish all the things I would like to do. In September I became publicity delegate (and we joined Press+Publicity into the Publicity team). We continued discussing how the team works, and hopefully revitalizing it. I became more active in the IRC channel, installed quassel in my home server and then I could read all the backlog too. I’ve tried to contribute more to Debian Project News (less than I’d like), to bits.debian.org and to the social networks (Pump.io and GNU Social). Since November I’ve been failing to call for meeting but finally on 2016/02/29 we had it. I hope to resume semi-regular meetings each 1-2 months. At the beginning of the year I helped to handle all the news and announcements about the loss of Ian Murdock. It has been hard work but I feel that I could turn some of the sadness into something useful for others. There is still work to be done: parse the condolence emails and setup a website to publish them. About bits.debian.org, DPN and announcements, I’ve learned how to perform the parts of the work that require membership permissions (building the blog, actually publishing the announcement, sending the DPN/announcement mail to the corresponding lists). Not without mistakes, but I guess no matter how much you care, sometimes things happen, and then you learn and then things get better and you too. Some things I discovered
  • Installing quassel server and clients and getting addicted to IRC… It’s not that I chat so much, but I read the backlog of the channels where I am, and it’s hard for me to leave a channel once I join, even if I joined just to ask something and they already answered.
  • Writing (correct) English is harder for me than what I imagined. Not here or by mail or in IRC, but when I have to ‘create’ some news for DPN or bits, it takes much time and I doubt in many cases. I trust in the reviews by debian-l10n-english team, and thank them very much, but I also feel a bit ashamed of my broken English. OTOH, note that we have few native English speakers in the Publicity (and website) team. Please consider joining (Publicity or L10n-English) and helping with the reviews! That helps not only to get good quality content in Debian, that also helps non-English speakers to contribute more ideas or paragraphs, because we can trust in somebody reviewing our work.
  • It’s hard for me to call for meetings, proposing dates/times. We are very dispersed geographically so I usually come up with long tables with lots of days and times proposed, and I think it does not help. OTOH setting a fixed time can systematically leave out people from certain timezones, and I feel that’s very sad. I suppose I need to try to offer few options and if I see no agreements, then extend.
Some clarifications
  • I’ve written “hard” word 4 times in this post (well, 5 now!) but that does not mean I don’t want to do those tasks. I feel going out of my comfort zone and that’s ok, needed to learn and experience. I’m having a good time in Debian in the last months, as always!
  • We’re 4 people delegated and more team members and contributors, so anybody could think: “Publicity is well covered, let’s go to do other things in Debian”. It’s perfectly ok if you want to do other things in Debian, but please consider combining your contributions with some minutes for the publicity team. Aiming to be the universal operating system, our community and target audience is big and diverse and we’d like to show that diversity to the world. The more we are, the merrier!
Comments? You can comment about this blog post in this pump.io thread.
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Enrico Zini: Polite invitations

Planet Debian - Mon, 07/03/2016 - 17:13

It is DPL nomination time again.

A gentle reminder to avoid making people uncomfortable:

Inviting people to candidate for DPL is like inviting them for sex.

It can be flattering.

And if you insist after one says "no", it becomes harassment.

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