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Hook 42: Prepping for DrupalCon Austin: My First DrupalCon and My First Sprints

ven, 30/05/2014 - 23:47
Intro of the Padawan Contributor



About me:

I went to college as a Finance major and spent my in school as an Economics Tutor on the side for money. Well versed in all things money, I spent half a decade in Accounting for private banks such as Brown Brothers Harriman. After a few years in the Finance field, I found that it didn’t provide the opportunities for learning and growth that I wanted in my life and decided to switch careers. On the advice of my brother John Storey, a seasoned Drupal professional, I decided to pursue the next stage in my career as a Drupalero.

Current role in Drupal:

I am currently a Site Builder. As for where I want to end up, I want to first establish myself as a Site Builder, be able to pay the rent, and buy more Nutella. I plan to discover the different knowledge of Drupal at DrupalCon. I may end up focusing where greatest industry needs are and try to become an expert in that area, like I did in college with Economics. In the end I have found I’m happiest when teaching and helping others, and I want to be a mentor in Drupal in my future and help all those who I am able to.

Experience in Drupal:

In the past month I have been immersed into Drupal as a Site Builder thanks to the lovely folks of Hook 42. Prior to that I spent months watching videos from sites such as Build a Module and reading books on Safari Books Online. I applied what I was learning to try and build a kickball league site for my friends team out in Boston, MA. During the past month as a Site Builder I’ve been: evaluating and installing modules, reading issue queues, making content types and respective fields and field instances, taxonomies, basic features, and basic views… needless to say it’s been a fast and furious month.

Experience with the Command Line:

I use a Mac. The Terminal is my friend and will always be my friend. I only started using the terminal a few months ago, I’ve already got a fun handle (Khan) and a favorite color/font style (Homebrew or the Matrix as I like to call it). I’ve used the Terminal only after careful instruction and for tasks involving Git or Drush. I’m not familiar with VI or how to properly work with it, but so far it seems I’ve been able to navigate without interacting with it too often. But I like using the terminal whenever possible because it’s B.A.

Goals for DupalCon Austin:

My tangible goal for DrupalCon is to become a Drupal contributor. Whether that involves testing or editing or proofreading syntax I want to mark my name in Drupal. That way I can say I’ve added to a project that affects thousands or millions of people every day. My intangible goals are to become immersed in the community, meet others and become friends, get a broad understanding of Drupal, contribute on a sprint or two, and just have fun exploring!

Planning the Patrick Sessions

Which ones are strategic to my growth:

Any of the sessions that are welcoming to newcomers or involve best practices are strategically important for my growth. One advantage of being new, is every session can lead me to grow.

Sessions of particular interest:

I’m excited to go to the Drupal Destiny session. I feel it’s important to never lose track of Drupal in the world of CMS’s and how it can be expanded across the Internet. It will be great to hear what the current thoughts among the community are around the system, what changes may be needed, and where we should take it. On a professional note I’m excited to go to the Grunt for front-end session as well. I’ve used Node.js, AngularJS with Grunt and Yoeman in the past and I think the potential for these to integrate with Drupal are high! Overall though I want to keep my schedule flexible and fully immerse myself in what I find on any given day.

PREPARING the Computer!

Installing Dreditor:

I use Chrome because I like Google and I’m a Google drone (I just made that term up). So a quick check of the app store and…

Installed. Time Elapsed: 1 minute.

Installing Git:

This will take awhile. This is best to do at home when you have free time. Install Xcode if you’re using a Mac

Then install Homebrew in the terminal with:

$ ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

Then run:

$ brew doctor


$ brew update
$ brew install git

Installing a Code Editor:

I’ve been using AptanaStudio3. It’s free and all you have to do is visit their website and click download. However I’ve heard PHPStorm is great for Drupal.

Installing Drush:

Go to their github, git clone, and follow the instructions. It’s that easy.

Installing PHP 5.4:

I use the free version of MAMP as my local server. It currently has PHP 5.5 so you can just go to the site and click download.

Setting up a local website:

If you’re like me and you use a Mac. Then you can use MAMP as I pointed out for the PHP section above. When you download MAMP it downloads Apache, MySQL, and PHP all at once. After that is done you’ll need to download Drupal from Then you can start the process of making your own local environment. It’s a bit complicated and I would recommend asking others as you do it. Luckily Drupal has given a walk-through on it in immense detail! You can find the walkthrough at .

Creating an Account on

If you’re going to post comments on modules or themes or issues (you are) you’ll need a account. It is a standard registration form and it’s free. After you’ve made one look me up! My account name is Patrick Storey (I felt I might remember my username if it was my real name).

See you soon!

I hope reading this gave you some insight and quick reminders of what to do before DrupalCon! I’m really excited to go to my first DrupalCon and maybe we could find a place to grab food and chat or watch a talk together. See you there!

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drunomics: An unified field repository & Entity storage improvements for Drupal 8

ven, 30/05/2014 - 22:58

Since the DrupalDevDays in Szeged we've worked a lot on getting the remaining beta blockers of the Entity system done, which are mostely centered around an unified field repository and entity storage improvements; i.e. automatic schema generation for your content entities!

We've been making great progress on the unified field repository front. There are new field info methods that are provided by the entity manager now, which cover the entity base fields as well as configurable or other module added fields. Those new methods replace the old field_info_fields() or FieldInfo methods, which we've been removed from Drupal 8 already. For more details, see this change record.

The work on automatic schema generation is not yet finished though, although we've a huge (300kb) RTBC patch which removes hook_schema() implementations and replaces them with automatically generated schema derived from the entity base field schema. Once that's in, we still have to take care of letting the system handle changes to the field definitions and consequently the schema (issue). Given that it will be possible to automatically generate an entity schema based on a site needs, i.e. we'll have entity storage capable of handling translations for multilingual sites. Actually, this is the primary reaon for getting this feature done that late in the cycle at all. However, besides that, I must say I'm really looking forward to not having to define the schema manually and I'm excited on how easy that will make it to define a new entity type!

I want to thank Acquia who sponsored some of my contribution time during the last weeks and thus enabled us to move on faster. Furthermore, I want to thank tstoeckler, plach, berdir and jessebeach who all did an amazing work on the mentioned issues!

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Lullabot: Announcing Lullabot's 6th Annual DrupalCon Party

ven, 30/05/2014 - 22:47

Oh the irony! We've been spending so much time planning our DrupalCon party that we've forgotten to officially announce it. Here's the details:

Lullabot's DrupalCon Party 2014
Wednesday, June 4th
121 East 5th St (at Brazos St)
Austin, TX
7pm 'til whenever
(just 3 blocks from DrupalCon)

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