WYMeditor news

I've been very busy these last months, and unfortunately I had no time to blog, nor work on WYMeditor.
Things are finally getting back to normal, though I must admit I currently don't have so much time for the project...
Anyway, we have started to refactor WYMeditor's code, cleaning up the global object, moving classes to the WYMeditor namespace, and so on. No new feature, but I think the code is getting better and easier to maintain.
Next step: use NaturalDocs for the code documentation.
As a preview for the next features - true WYSIWYM editing, better event handling - a prototype written by Volker Mische (one year ago !) is available.
Volker has already implemented the Selection API for Gecko browsers.
This SAPI, and a better event handling, are required for a true WYSIWYM behaviour.
As always, any help is welcome. Please feel free to send a patch for current open issues, or drop me a mail (jf.hovinne at wymeditor dot org) if you have any suggestion - thanks!
And PS: sorry for the late news!