WYMeditor 0.5 beta 1 released, Google Chrome compatible

WYMeditor 0.5 beta 1 has been released!
This release brings new features and fixes bugs.
New features:

  • Better Safari and Opera support
  • Google Chrome support
  • New skins
  • New translations
  • Table summary support
  • Resizable plugin, using jQuery UI
  • Editing direction option (left-to-right, right-to-left)
  • New example pages
  • New insert() command

Bugs, improvements:

  • Bugs have been fixed in the XHTML parser, API, events handlers, ...
  • Remaining string and array helpers have been moved to WYMeditor.Helper
  • A new test suite, based on the jQuery Test Suite, has been added
  • The documentation has been improved

As always, please refer to the Trac website for more information.
Due to SourceForge issues, we're moving the download page to the main WYMeditor website. Please contact me in case of any problems downloading the file.
Many thanks to all our donors and contributors who made this release possible!