JSS: JavaScript Simple Syndication - yet another implementation

jFeed, the jQuery RSS/ATOM feed parser plugin I wrote lately has a drawback: you must use a server-side proxy to load cross-domain feeds.

It's a little bit annoying, so I looked for a more elegant solution.
There exist some web services and libraries that convert RSS/ATOM feeds to JavaScript code, so you can embed external content in your HTML document, but I'd prefer something more generic.

jFeed: JavaScript jQuery RSS/ATOM feed parser plugin

I needed a lightweight JavaScript feed parser based on jQuery and couldn't find one, so I wrote jFeed yesterday.
Thanks to jQuery, it was quite easy and fun to do.

jFeed currently parses RSS 0.91, 0.92, 1.0, 2.0 and Atom 1.0 feeds.

jQuery charToTable plugin

I was playing with jQuery and tables yesterday, and got a weird idea: what about converting characters to tables using jQuery?

The idea evolved and I started to write a new jQuery plugin, charToTable.

I really don't know if someone will find it useful, but it actually works fine.
It uses some PHP + GD to convert a character to an image, and then to a JSON object containing the glyph matrix.
Finally, jQuery.getJSON loads it, and the callback function simply creates the table.


WYMeditor 0.3 released

WYMeditor 0.3 has finally been released!
WYMeditor has been rewritten to be easier to integrate and to extend, using the JavaScript library jQuery (http://jquery.com), which also greatly improves the code quality and robustness.
WYMeditor is now compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0+, Gecko-based browsers (e.g. Mozilla Firefox 1.5+), and Opera 9.0+[1].



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