WYMeditor 1.0.0b6

WYMeditor 1.0.0b6 has been released. This version brings lots of improvements and bug fixes.

See the release page for more information.

Disclaimer: WYMeditor is now maintained by Wes Winham and other contributors.

Congrats to Wes and the WYMeditor team !


WYMeditor 0.5 beta 1 released, Google Chrome compatible

WYMeditor 0.5 beta 1 has been released!
This release brings new features and fixes bugs.
New features:

WYMeditor 0.5 alpha 1 released, Safari compatible

WYMeditor 0.5 alpha 1 has been released!
This new version brings major new features:

WYMeditor news

I've been very busy these last months, and unfortunately I had no time to blog, nor work on WYMeditor.
Things are finally getting back to normal, though I must admit I currently don't have so much time for the project...
Anyway, we have started to refactor WYMeditor's code, cleaning up the global object, moving classes to the WYMeditor namespace, and so on. No new feature, but I think the code is getting better and easier to maintain.
Next step: use NaturalDocs for the code documentation.


WYMeditor 0.4 released

WYMeditor 0.4 stable has been released!
This release includes Bermi Ferrer's powerful XHTML and CSS parsers, and fixes some outstanding bugs.
For your convenience, jQuery 1.1.4 has been included in the package, as well as getting started examples, which should work out of the box.
Thanks to all the contributors who made this release possible.
Download WYMeditor 0.4


WYMeditor 0.3 released

WYMeditor 0.3 has finally been released!
WYMeditor has been rewritten to be easier to integrate and to extend, using the JavaScript library jQuery (http://jquery.com), which also greatly improves the code quality and robustness.
WYMeditor is now compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0+, Gecko-based browsers (e.g. Mozilla Firefox 1.5+), and Opera 9.0+[1].


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