ECGALAXY Open Source Infrastructure as Code components


The ECGALAXY project provides a set of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) components, used by European Commission IT teams.

Some of these components are now open source under the EUPL license and maintained on code.europa.eu, the code development platform for open source projects from the European Union institutions.

The source code is also mirrored on GitHub.

The current focus is on development environments and Ansible 'roles', which are made available through Ansible Galaxy, while there are plans to publish other types of IaC components.

ECGALAXY Ansible roles published as open source include:

These Ansible roles support the following platforms:

They can be easily executed locally using the ansible-role script, which only requires Python 3.

Example one-liner, which executes the containers_toolbox role locally:

bash <(curl -s https://code.europa.eu/-/snippets/1/raw/main/ansible-role.sh) ecgalaxy.containers_toolbox

Last updated: 2023-12-29