WYMeditor 0.3 released


WYMeditor 0.3 has finally been released!

WYMeditor has been rewritten to be easier to integrate and to extend, using the JavaScript library jQuery, which also greatly improves the code quality and robustness.

WYMeditor is now compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0+, Gecko-based browsers (e.g. Mozilla Firefox 1.5+), and Opera 9.0+ [1].

I'd like to thank all the contributors without whom this new version wouldn't have been possible.

We'll now focus on new features, e.g. improve XHTML compliance, UI, events handling, accessibility, and so on.

See the Trac for more info.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

PS: please feel free to promote WYMeditor on your blog ;)

[1] Opera support is still alpha. Safari will be supported when its designMode implementation will be usable.